Friday, June 3, 2011

Nothing I can say

Sorry, but I'm fed up with all these
 dramas, fakeness, and all of you who 
tried-to-be-nice-to-me. Yesterday you 
said yes, and now you said no! 
What do you want 
actually. You really pissed me OFF!!! 
So now better I stay away from you. 
Seriously, i FEEL like i want to hate you and i''ll not loving you anymore. But i realized that i cant do it. BUT I must try ! 

Be matured please. Dont messed up with me like this. I admit that I dislike the way you treat me. Im being nice to you, but You err =/=

Please think about this :D i hope you understand what im trying to say. 
I really mean it. 

Hurmphhhh :/ no matter what happens, im still with my promise :) i'll wait fr you until end of your studies. 

#Sometimes everything's confusing me, even my own feelings and myself

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